Best approach for particle FX (via bird wings)

Hello all,
I have a question regarding the best approach on generating a particle effect from the wings of a crow. Here’s the scenario in a nutshell. Ultimately, I would love to have the style of effect that is portrayed in Harry Potter with the death eaters (a type of cloth particle that is airy and black).
I’ve been working in the field for approx. 8 yrs and I’m a bit stumped on what my best bet would be on this effect. In short, I need the bird to be perched on a branch, then begins flight away from camera. Now I would like to have the effect happen as the wings come up, then particles generate off the bird and into thin air.
My platforms are Cinema 4D, After Effects and Realflow, but i’ve never needed to attempt something of this nature. Any advice or input would be appreciated. Cheers and thanks in advance, Andy

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