Fastest retrofit to VFX for an experienced software engineer?


I am a software engineer with 15 years of work experience, 4 of them writing tools in Python that saved one company $1M, and the rest in C/C++.

Right now I am taking a graduate course in CGI/Animation using Maya, and I find that I like it a LOT. Although I am by no means an artist (although I do decent modelling work due to some CAD background) I have noticed that studios have a use for workflow automators and tools developers.

Should I go in at intern or entry level just like everyone else? Or will I be turned away from every door for not being in my 20’s? I had even thought of being an independent vendor to plug-ins and tools, but what does the VFX/animation world need most?

Thanks in advance for your advice!

The Eternal Squire

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