3ds Max and Boujou help needed!

Hey all,

I’m a novice in terms of match moving and just want to ask a couple of questions before I get my hands really dirty.
I want to implement a live scene with an actor into a fully cg scene.
At my disposal I have 3ds Max 9, AE CS4 and Boujou 4.
I am very familiar with Max and AE, but alas not in Boujou yet..

The scene has a guy starting off screen. He then runs across and the camera which follows him for about 100 frames. He then goes out of the screen.
I have run the footage through boujou, both after and before editing out the screen. After camera solving there were almost no trackers left. And not a single one that persisted through the scene.

1.First a real noobie question: Should I edit out the green screen first or after camera solving?

2.I have read something about hand tracking. Would this be a solution for me and how would one go about doing it??

3.In 3ds Max how should I best track the camera motion??

Appreciate all replies and help!
Will provide more info if needed..

Estimating a vfx job


First post here. I am a compositor in NYC. I will be getting some shots to work on in house (matte painting, green screen comping etc) on a medium budget feature (i’m guessing 10 million?). This work would otherwise go to a vfx house of the type that i sometimes freelance for but i know the producer and they are looking to save money. Long term i am looking to build my own small shop, so it works out great for me. Don’t have too many details about how much work is involved yet but I have no experience estimating. Can anyone give me a range per shot for this kind of work? (thinking moderately average degree of difficulty pulling keys etc. Until now i’ve only worked on a day rate for similar vfx houses, or in house on much lower budget (but equally challenging) stuff where i’m getting paid far less than it really costs. Any advice is welcome.

VFX402 WIP – Loud

Already have some ideas swirling for this one… here are a few rough (read: poorly drawn) sketches of a couple shots I’d like to put together. Fortunately, I got a compositing job starting on Monday, but that means I don’t know how much time it’s going to leave me to work on this. I want to finish this shot, though, even if I miss the deadline, since I like the idea.

We see the attic at first. We see the girl walking toward the mirror, and as we get closer, the reflection in the mirror changes to the inside of a hollow tree. We ultimately drop down the hole and come out at the bottom near a cobblestone clearing. Haven’t sketched the hole or the clearing yet.

(Note: I haven’t seen Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland yet, so any glaring similarities to the movie are entirely coincidental)

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Dynamic Photo Illustrations

In this tutorial Jerico Santander demonstrates how to create stunning photo-illustrations with ease and fundiv class=”feedflare”
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Motionographer Studios to Shutter Stat

Very unexpected news from headquarters today: Motionographer Studios will be shutting down immediately. Production on the London Olympics Rebrand headed by Brian Gossett and Orange Washing Machine 2.0 in 3D, the stereoscopic fantasy comedy run by first-time helmer Boca Ceravolo have been suspended indefinitely. There’s no word on whether those projects will be resuscitated at another studio or left uncompleted.

There aren’t a lot of details to report right now, but in a brief statement Studio President Justin Cone gave his take on the situation:

Brian, Simon, Boca and the rest of the team did an amazing job in the few days we were open, but the dynamics of the industry are rapidly changing. Given today’s economic realities, we need to find alternative ways to bring creative content to audiences and MS no longer fits into the production model of our parent company, Proxima Concern of Hokkaido, Japan. Headquarters has asked that I say no more, for the sake of all the families involved.

Variety reports that 25 employees will be laid off as operations in New York, Santa Monica, Sao Paulo and London wind down.

Reports that Motionographer Studios would be saved by a last-minute sale to Cycorp, Inc. of Sheffield appeared to be groundless as tearful staff were escorted from the building with their belongings in boxes, the doors padlocked and a near-mint lime-green foosball table left out on the curb.

Posted on Motionographer

Maya t fusion Motion Blur Not working

I want to motion blur the maya render in fusion via RSMB

I m rendering Maya mv2DNormRemap motion blur pass as .iff filez with displace value of 512.

Its not getting the accurate motion blur in fusion with RSMB plugin.
The cylinders in the image are not moving at all. only hammer is moving in the scene.

i m following the Technique described

Plz Chek Attached thumbails & Basic renders.

Is there other way to produce motion blur???

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Clint – The Smoking Comedy (4 min.)

Hey Everyone,
our Award winning Shortfilm “Clint” is finally on the web. It`s about a Hero who can unfortunately stop smoking. There`s no Happy End.


Enjoy and have a Smoke.

Looking for a experienced Nuke compositor

Serious job offer for an experienced Nuke compositor on stereoscopic feature film.

Telecommute ok.

Email with your job experience and a link to a reel to: nukecomp at hotmail.com

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“To drift is to attempt analysis of the totality of everyday life by passively moving through space”. – Guy Debord

To partake in the full body exercise of drifting requires a long walk from neighborhood to neighborhood with no regard for mental or cultural biases. In other words: you gotta walk around without spending money while paying absolutely zero attention to where you are going. This is a time worn tradition for the stoking of creative flames and makes for a good excuse to get away from the dull, punishing light that emanates from your computer screen. We suggest bringing a camera with you to capture what you see. However, we’re not sure if Guy Debord would approve this accessory. Are there any armchair situationists reading who would know?