Is out there andrew kramer for nuke?

Hi, i am very much into the amateur VFX world BUT using AE till now simply because of nuke is much more expansive.. However very lucky for me, i have a very rich uncle who bought me full nukeX with every plugin included expect ocula 🙂

However past the yeas andrew kramer at helped allot by showing tutorials how to do awesome movie effects using AE with step by step tutorial..

So my question is is there andrew kramer for nuke :P? All i have found are eaither very simple or very complicated tutorials- actually techniques where do not show you the full effect ..

i look for some effects like this
creating explosion
replicating the mumia face
hitting a man with car
duplicating more people on one scene
time freeze
jedi fight
etc etc..

– these are all old and somehow basic stuff but however these kind of tutorials should move us to a whole diferent level in nuke for us the newbies

So i hope there is some rich resource for nuke as well.

Cause watchig tutorials like that you get the grasp of the concepts and ideas howto work on that platform, much faster, better and more fun ofc.

thanks allot!

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