A nuke.Boolean_Knob issue

Hi, guys.

I got a nuke.Boolean_Knob issue.

Here is my script:


# create a panel class
makeSnapsPanel = nukescripts.PythonPanel('Make Snapshots', 'makeSnaps')

useOriginalSizeBo = nuke.Boolean_Knob('useOriginalSize', 'Use Original Size')

# Add knobs


I want to run some script each time I click the nuke.Boolean_Knob.
For instance, each time I change the state of the nuke.Boolean_Knob, it prints something like useOriginalSizeBo.value()

How to do that?

I used help(nuke.Boolean_Knob) to get all the information of it.
But I have not found any useful function.

Anybody know this thing?

Thank you so much!

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