Vector Displace on just pixels?

Hi all,

I’m working on a shot that could be solved with a tool similar to what I’ll describe:

Using vector analysis of one clip of images (a sequence of a guy moving a little bit in-frame), I want to displace the pixels of another clip (or just a single frame) so that it looks like it is glued to the motion of the pixels that were vector analyzed.

Basically, I thought I could use the new Vector Generate node to then pipe that data to move the pixels, but haven’t yet found a way to a make that work.

The end result is that I am trying to correct some makeup errors on a bald cap by painting a clean version and letting the motion of the pixels of the clip distort it along with the original so that it covers it up as he moves. It’s kind of like a CG tattoo, but it’s only for about a hundred frames or so, and he doesn’t rotate.

Does anyone know if I am on the right path, and if so, what next steps might be? I analyzed the source clip, painted the makeup error out, and am stuck at that point.

Thanks for any help you can provide!

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