unifying path to files on different OS

Hi guys, I’m new to Nuke, my studio is in the process of switching from Digital Fusion to Nuke as a main comp app as we speak. One of the first problems I have stumbled upon is the path to graphic files. We have 3 different environments for Nuke

– Windows XP for 50% of the job, running alongside other programs for 3d trackig etc
– Linux for some hardcore high def comp jobs, Nuke on linux works smother and faster, can digest more ram

– on Mac, since we use FinalCutPro in our workflow we got few Macs I want to run Nuke on.

All 3 Operating Systems got diferent path to our file server. Is there a way to work in some kind of filepath relative to your project directory tree instead of full absolute path.
It was working great in Fusion, but I have no idea how to achive it in Nuke

Thanks in advance

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