Stabilizing issues…

Hello VFXtalk Community,

I’m having a bit of trouble properly stabilizing a steadycam shot:

The shot contains a closed bathroom door filmed from the outside, with only the door itself in the picture as well as a huge lamp next to the door.

Now, I had to speed up the middle part of this sequence to shorten it a bit (I needed to
"take out" 592 frames without anyone noticing; if there’s a better solution to this – I’ve
tried some, but they didn’t really work out well – please let me know 🙂

What I intend to do now is to absolutely stabilize this shot, then filtering the tracking
data in the curve editor to simply give back some subtle shakiness.

I’m a novice to Nuke (but love it already 😉 so please excuse if my following problem is
too trivial..

Well, I got three points within the image which are suited for tracking; the doorknob on
the left, and two lamp features on the right. When I track all these and hit "stabilize",
the image tends to "morph" in order to stay in one fixed place. I guess that’s because of
the subtle perspective change due to the original shake, so it makes sense. But this knowledge doesn’t help me at all 😮
Using just one tracking point doesn’t help either due to the source’s rotation.

Could someone please give me a hint where my thinking lacks? Any help would be appreciated 🙂

Thanks a bunch in advance!

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