Simple? Zoom in Framecycler 2007, on a Macbook Pro

Hi – I have used Framecycler before but not on a laptop (Intel Macbook Pro).

All I want to do is simply zoom "in" and "out" as if I was zooming in Nuke. (eg: combo of a wacom button and a key)

The manual says:
<Numpad Plus> Zoom in
<Numpad Minus> Zoom Out
….obviously the laptop does not have a numpad as such, like on an extended desktops keyboard.

I swear I have tried all combinations of "+", "-"(shift, ctrl alt, cmd, fn etc etc) with and without numlock… and also altering the configuration of wacom with the buttons == click, double click, middle click etc.

Is anyone able to throw me a bone?

While on zoom I know I can push ‘Z’ and get a zoom box, which is at the moment set to 500%, is there any way I can change this?

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