select channels with similar names

Hello everybody,
I want to compose my 3d scene rendered from Maya using .exr format (with several passes contained into every file).
The problem is that Maya generate the names of the passes with this format:
<SHORT_NAME_PASS>_<long_name>_<set_name>_<camera_r endered>
for example:
but the max lenght is 32 chars for every pass into EXR file, and I have camera names quite long (neccesary for production), so the names are truncated and filled with random numbers in order to distinguish from each other; i.e I get names like this:

so the question is:
is there any way of making a manual Shuffle taking as source channel the one which name matches with an initial substring (i.e. with the two truncated names of the previous example: if I want to select as source the pass Ambient forn the set 1, I would specify the starting substring "AMB_ambient_set1")

Thank you very much!

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