Running Nuke from a Mac Terminal (Bash Shell)

Hi Nuke Forum,

I’m using an intel Macbook Pro with OSX 10.4.11

Simply, I am trying to run a render only license of Nuke from a Mac Terminal (Bash Shell) and it will not run. It is a non GUI Nuke license purely for running scripts and commands. It is not for compositing.

I always get the error "-bash: nuke: command not found"

At the prompt I have tried:
1) nuke THEN GET "-bash: nuke: command not found"
Nuke THEN GET "-bash: Nuke: command not found"
3) nuke5.1v3 THEN GET "-bash: nuke5.1v3: command not found"
4) Nuke5.1v3 THEN GET "-bash: Nuke5.1v3: command not found"

If I type Shake at the command line….I can boot Shake?

In saying that I am not expecting to see the Nuke interface, I am expecting it to execute the command(s) I place after, as you would if you were to run Shake [command1][command2] etc

Any thoughts or suggestions?

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