Retrack part of a CameraTrack?

Hey everybody,

I’m working on a 600+ frame 3D Camera track and everything was going swimmingly until I was notified that I needed to add an extra 40 frames to the head of the track.

I’ve retracked the shot, but now there’s a glitch within the first 16 frames that I’m trying to track down. Is it possible to retrack those frames without losing the rest of my track?

I’ve tried setting my analysis range to the part I want to fix, but clicking "Track Features" tells me it will reset everything, and it didn’t lie. I’ve tried exporting my successful track and reimporting it as a user track, but it’s not solving correctly, and all of the geometry I originally placed is no longer fitting, or on the same axis. I’ve tried troubleshooting that by making sure my solver settings were identical, but I’m guessing its trying to solve at different focal lengths.

Is there a way to append the new frames to my original previously successful 1st track?

I’m about to start over, but this happens often enough that I’d appreciate some advice if somebody knows how to work through this.

(sorry, I can’t provide any of my flow due to a few pieces of paper I’ve signed, because fellow employees have done some dumb stuff in the past.)

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