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I was handed a plate today that is 453 frames of two people behind a pane of glass. The tripod is reflected on the glass and in front of the two characters.

my task is to remove the tripod as best I can. What would be the best approach that doesn’t involve painting the tripod out of every frame?

this shot also needs to be finished today!

I have tried:

Isolating large areas of the frame and doing a color correction, cranking the contrast to darken the shadows, this is successful to a certain point but not a perfect solution, you can still see the tripod slightly. Also, it makes the shot too dark and contrast-y if I push it too far.

The next idea was to roto the arms, torsos, etc. etc. from the characters and do an individual color correction on each shape, same problem there, I can’t push it too far.

I’ve attached a screenshot of the problem. does anyone have an idea of how to handle this problem quickly without any rotopaint? Thanks in advance.

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