Red footage EDL to Nuke Challenge

Here’s my scenario

I have a music video that is RED footage and was:

1. Edited in CS4 Premiere
2. Sent to After Effects – (this may not factor in to my challenge – I just want to get out of AE and Premiere land)
3. From here I can export a single Image sequence of my choice – Simple so far…

Ok, now I’d like to take the EDL from Premiere into Nuke and have Nuke split out separate read nodes for each shot and throw those into a switcher downline to the Write node for final output.

ONE Caveat though. I have all green and blue screeners that are layered in after effects. The plot thickens! ie: each band member is separately shot and comped in After Effects … So do I really need to look at an alternate export method from After Effects in conjunction with the simple timeline EDL from premiere (I do have the option of doing a preliminary layed comp in Premiere if need be to output an EDL with layerd information)


Do I have After effects write out separate image sequences to self contained folders and then import those in to Nuke and do this the old school way? Is there a completely different pipeline without buying more software.

Shake has an EDL to Shake python script. I just want to do this in NUKE


Will Nuke 5.2 be the savior to my RED issues? I may be able to take the Premiere layered comp EDL right into Nuke and get to work with RED native – : )

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