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Hi, i’m learning how to create custom panel using python. At my first simple trial, i just used an empty group node, then assign couple of user knob there and attach some script to do some task. The goal is to replace the nuke menu : ‘render/render selected’ command which only have one simple text input. The look of this node is in my attachment (pls have a look). All function is working good. The problem is when floating , i got 2 set of button, the upper set (render, flipbook, cancel) is my custom and the bottom set is default buttons (revert, cancel, close) created by shake. I want to get rid of these default buttons (bottom set). So later on my learning curve , i found the module : nukescripts.panels.PythonPanel() and nuke.Panel(). I don’t want to use nuke.Panel() coz it will be always in modal mode, thus i can’t select anything behind the popup window. So my choice is using nukescripts.panels.PythonPanel(). using show() i can use non modal mode.The problem is this panel always has a tab and a ‘content menu’ icon on top.

so my question are :
1. is it possible to create nuke.Panel() in non modal?
2. how to remove tab and content menu icon on top of nukescripts.panels.PythonPanel() ? i tried to dig the module, it sub class of pyui.Dialog which is a builtin module, so hit the wall…i don’t know how to go deeper, like i want to know is there any option to turn off that ‘tab’ or ‘content menu’ ? The documentation itself doesn’t talk much about pyui.

any suggestion will be great .

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