Python Button, and path

Hi everyone,

So, I try to create a python button to save comps into a specific location.
This location is a value created into a NoOp.


NoOp1 contain 1 input text field, and 1 Filename… field.
Filename field name 01: projectpath
Input text field name 02: shotname

Value into projectpath: C:/Test/
Value into shotname: Sh0010

NoOp2 contain a python button with this script:



My problem is:
I would like to add the projectpath value and the shotname value, to have this:


I can’t find a way to add this two values into the button.
That’s what I have now:



But of course the result is a .nk file named: NoOp1.ShotName.nk, into C:/Test/

Someone can help me?

Thx in advance,

Have a nice we 🙂

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