nuke.Panel() screen position

Does anyone know if there’s a way to define where a panel created with nuke.Panel() will be drawn on the screen? I know it defaults to the mouse cursor’s position, but is there a way to override this?

I have a panel with buttons that can add or remove text input fields, etc., and since I don’t think you can do this dynamically, I basically have a catcher to see if the panel needs to be evaluated yet or simply redrawn with more (or fewer) parameters. However, every time it’s redrawn, it centers itself at the mouse cursor’s position, so it keeps moving around.

I looked into using some kind of cheat to get the mouse’s position right when the panel was drawn and then set it to the same thing right before it was drawn again, but there’s no easy (or python-native) way to do this, so that option is kind of out.

So I’m wondering if there’s a way to set a python panel to draw x pixels from screen-left and y from screen-top or something, or any other cheats/workarounds/etc.

Thanks a lot!

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