Nuke, Maya & PFTrack Scales

Am testing for a job at the moment.

Shot a test scene in a studio with tracking markers on the wall at 1m intervals.
Tracked and solved in PFTrack, with correct filmback and lens focal length.
Scaled the scene in PFTrack, measuring between 2 points and making that distance 1m.
Exported from PFTrack as a Nuke scene, which opens nicely into Nuke, with a very nifty point cloud (of nulls) you can attatch to the scene file as reference.

Imported a Maya fbx of the yet-to-be-built sets, made lifesize, ie 1m is 1m.
BUT, I’m having to reduce the fbx to 20% of it’s size to apparently fit the PFTrack exported scene, not what I expected.
What ‘gotcha’ am I missing here, as in my mind the scales should match?
Is the PFTrack or Maya scene scale wrong?

thanks in advance


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