Nuke camera export scale issue

I’m hoping someone can help me here…
So I’ve been using Nuke’s inbuilt CameraTracker a lot recently and love how quickly I can achieve a solid track on the majority of footage. However, getting that tracked camera (along with placement geometry) into a 3D app always seems to result in a miniature scene :confused:

So I’ll export the scene from Nuke as an FBX file using the ‘WriteGeo’ node. I then import that FBX file into Cinema4D or Houdini and bring in the cam, geometry and animation. The resulting scene is really tiny. I can drop in a standard sphere and have to scale it to around 1-5% of its original size, otherwise it engulfs the entire scene. It’s honestly like comparing a beachball to a golf ball (the latter being the scene).

Is this normal? Or is there a step I’m missing out, or an option I’m not selecting somewhere?

It’s driving me up the wall tbh 🙁
Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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