Nuke 5.1v3 crashing more with OS X 10.5.7

Hello, I had a pretty stable setup going, it was OS X 10.5.6 running Nuke 5.1v3, then I was screwing around with some OS X internals and totally corrupted my OS X to a point where i couldn’t repair it and I had to restore OS X from 10.5.1 Install Disk. I made a backup for the corrupted drive and installed most apps from scratch, but some I just copied over from the copied drive. Nuke 5.1v3 being one of the apps I just copied over and it started, so I didn’t think to install from scratch. Also, my computer automatically updated to OS X 10.5.7, so I can’t go back to 10.5.6.

Anyway, I get crashes all the time, now. I have re-installed Nuke a few times, but still it crashes a lot. Here is where it crashes.

when I am viewing the nodes and I am zooming in and out, back and forth, if I zoom too fast into the nodes or if I zoom and it doesn’t like the way I zoomed, it crashes. It only crashes on viewing the Nodes, though, I can zoom in and out of the viewer windows fine, but if I zoom too fast on the nodes, CRASH!! Happens every 10 minutes of so no.. Getting really frustrating.

Is it a OS X 10.5.7 thing? Are there some Nuke preferences or internals that I can find and delete manually that maybe aren’t uninstalling?

Would love to go back to the stable setup I had.


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