How to install Nuke on Ubuntu !!!


I just installed Linux on my PC yesterday and tried to make Nuke worked on Linux…
I’m so confused about what they said on the Nuke user menu. I am wondering if someone could clearly show me step by step about Nuke installation on Ubuntu 10.04.

My question is:

If Nuke on Linux must be installed under the "root" directory, not the "user" (for example, I give it a name: zhimama) ? I tried to install Nuke under "zhiamam" directory, after finishing the installation I couldn’t install license. The user guide says that Nuke will be installed under the /usr/local/ directory. I guess it means Nuke should be installed under "root" diractory not "zhimama" directory.
Please correct if my understanding is correct. If it is, could you tell me how to access to "root" directory step by step and install Nuke ? I am really new to Linux OS…

Basically, My mehtod was that I downloaded and uncompressed Nuke files and put it on the desktop my of computer.

The name of that extracted file folder is called: Nuke6.1v1-linux-x86-release-64
I followed Nuke user guide to type commands in terminal but it showed me error…
I guess if I install Nuke successfully, it would be installed under the "root" directory. However, I used a simply way which was just double click the installation icon and installed it but it showed me my Nuke would be installed under "zhimama" directory, not the "root".

I am wondering if someone can show me how to do it in a proper way so Nuke can be installed at:
mkdir /usr/local/Nuke6.1v1


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