export dvcprohd 1080p25 what settings? wierd problem

What settings do you have when exporting dvcproHD out from nuke. I export for use in a final cut project with dvcprohd timeline.

If I in final cut, mix a dvcpro rendered clip from nuke, with original clips from camera (hvx200 dvcpro hd 1440×1080) it looks good in timeline. But if I output from fcp to a dvcpro hd file. Then that clip gets messed up aspect and needs to be rerendered if opened up in fcp??

In nuke I do this. Import orginal dvcprohd 1440×1080, change colorspace to srgb and choose an write node and then export it as dvc prohd 1080p25. I dont check the premult, raw or use format aspect.

As long I only use clips that has been rendered out of nuke with this settings everything is good when render out of fcp. But as soon I mix in other clips I get the problem. Also I get the same problem if I only work with clips from nuke and ad an colorcorect filter in fcp.

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