Evaluating complete tcl expressioin

Hey there!

I’m using a TCl-Expression (in the file-parameter) to build dynamic folder-names in write-nodes.
for example:

/sh020/versions/v[string trimleft [lindex [split [string trim [file tail [value root.name]] .nk] _] 1] v]/[string trim [file tail [value root.name]] .nk].%04d.jpg

I’d now like to parse this expression and have it return the proper string. I tried nuke.tcl(). It does parse the expression correctly, but somehow assumes, i wanna run the result as a command and returns this error:

RuntimeError: sh020_v00_sys.nk: Unknown command

sh020_v00_sys.nk is the resulting string but i can’t explain the runtimeerror.

If someone has an idea, i’d greatly appreciate it 🙂


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