District 9 Radial3D plugin

Hello! I’m posting a thread here regarding District 9’s radial3D plugin. If you don’t know what it is, it’s a plugin that takes the "preference pass" (as the compositor called it in the video but rendered out of maya it would probably be called pointObject pass) so that you can paint mattes that follow the body of your character seamlessly. This is helpful for those who are lazy and don’t like rotoing but it’s also the only real solution for certain issues.

Here is a youtube link of the video. Please skip to about 7:08 to see the radial3D in action.


I looked on every possible forum I could find that discusses district 9 videos and nuke plug ins but I couldn’t find a single one mention this feature of their demo. If I missed a major one though, please point me to that.

I can’t imagine at this point that there isn’t a plugin or gizmo for this effect. I’m just wondering if the community here happens to know of one that exists. Any and all information on the topic would be widely appreciated and thank you for your replies in advance!

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