Depth map edge issues

I’ve been given a z-depth map for a 3D model along with its render.
The image is applied to a card and I’m using the DisplaceGeo node with a 3D camera and piped thru a scanline render. all of that works fine but the depth map has some anomalies around the edges that show as long spikes. There’s an alpha that should be clipping this but doesn’t. Eroding the alpha still doesn’t cause the spikes to be clipped. Any suggestions?

Other depth map questions:
1. The depthmap values range from 5 to 45 in this particular case, relating to real world measurements. The default DisplaceGeo is scale of .1 If I want to make sure depthmap creates true z in a world to match xy units are there specific settings to make sure that happens or will i have to manually scale until I think it’s right.

2. Should histogram work with these types of values? Doesn’t really seem to even when changing the input range.


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