compositing 3d info into a shot with a complex camera move

i’m a novice compositer that is coming over from a 3d world, and i have a scene in mind that i am using a pre-shot plate (found it on line) and chromakeying it, then redoing the environment in 3d. the shot is a rather compelx one with quite a bit of camera movement that would be difficult to replicate in 3d studio. the shot is going to require my character to be surrounded by a fume solution, which i know how to do, but i don’t know how i should go about tracking the fume solution into the scene.

the shot dollys toward the character, then moves past her, rotating around her while panning up and tilting down to keep her in the center of the frame. I am getting a decent motion track in nuke, but i have no idea how i am going to put the fume solution in.

my instinct is to find a way to duplicate the camera data from nuke into max, render my frames then recomposite it back in. i know that nuke won’t accept the fluid solution data from fume, so i am really at a loss here.

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