5.1v3 Relative directories

I am evaluating NUKE 5.1v3 on both OS X and VISTA 64. They will be used on a mixed platform network. We are trying to move our workflow over from SHAKE to NUKE and love the freedom of the Multi-platforms The Foundry has decided to support. Its awesome! BUT is there anyway to modify the NUKE scripts to do a relative directory structure to read media in the READ node?

On a side note, as much as NUKE rules, it makes me realize how rad SHAKE was and how great a composting app is was, I have yet to feel like we needed to move over to NUKE till now. And its is only because we have some 64bit PC’s doing 3D animation and want to do test comps right away, and finish them on the MAC. Does anyone know where all the original employees and developers of SHAKE from nothing real went? Did they go to Apple? Did they go to The Foundry? Are they wandering the earth?

Aside from that, what about Relative Directories??


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