3d camera movement

I just seen an effects shot I thought was interesting, but a little confusing. Or, maybe I’m just not seeing the trick.

It’s an exterior shot moving in a circle until it stops at about 90 degrees and begins moving toward the door of a house, a little wobbly not much though. Its an intro to a movie…

What I am trying to figure out is if the entire door is cg. As the camera begins to get closer it gets closer and closer to the door eye hole and goes through it to the interior home.

It shook my mind up a little and made me think of 3d camera movement. Is it possible to match the camera movement of 3d elements to the camera movement of footage at a certain point in time? So in this case once it gets too close to the door stop and the 3d camera takes over? How exactly would you motion track a 3d camera to footage movement?

What other way could this effect have been done?

If the door is not cg then how would the dp get the zooming shot for the door eye hole 3d camera animation? At least with no "real"
door present I figure it would make the camera moving in that much easier having nothing in the way. This way it would be simpler to comp in the door and track it, then as it gets closer the inside door hole is revealed and the interior home easily comped in behind it.

It’s obvious the door eye hole is cg but the 3d camera movement within the hole is a mystery right now how it is combined with footage camera movement, "if" that’s the case.

Read over this a few times and let me know if this makes any sense. Please feel free to post some thoughts.


*If your curious in seeing the shot it’s the beginning in Masters of Horror: Family (Se. 2, Ep. 2).

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