Dorkface Alert: Some of us at WMIG went to school to be audio engineers a long, long time ago. Meaning that while learning how to edit 2 inch tape, solder wire, and play with the Linn Drum Machine, we also spent hour after hour micing and crudely tuning drum set after drum set. Now, having recorded EVERY genre of music, the only thing that we actually miss about those bygone days is micing up a beautifully preserved, original Ludwig Vistalite. This was the drum set that John Bonham endorsed in the 70s that had cool names like the Jellybean and Tequila Sunrise? ya ever heard? Eventually discontinued when the Tivoli model sounded the death knell with it’s high concept christmas light design. Too expensive, too many melted drum sets, and too many broken dreams. From a design perspective they still look pretty fantabulous and I wish I could make them into my desk. One day.



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