Syntheyes lens distortion script

Hi everyone,

This is my first post here. I’ve been coming here for some time now as I am learning the wonderful world of Matchmoving. And wondering if anyone might be able to help.

I tracked and solved a shot without undistorting the plate. But due to the elements that will be in the shot, almost entirely replacing the background, I need to use an undistorted plate.

When undistorting the plate I had to add padding. I planned on using the Apply/Remove Lens distortion script, so I wouldn’t have to re track, as it is a very difficult shot.

My question is how to add back the padding in the Apply/remove lens distortion script? Is there a formula for figuring out what the U and V scaling would be?

The padding I used was .1 all around the image. So 10% larger on each edge, or 20% larger width and height. The script worked great if I didn’t have padding, the points lined up and everything. It’s just understanding how the padding works out in the script that has me a little boggled.

Thanks in advance for any help

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