PFtrack Constraints

At what stage should I be applying my planar constraints? Should I apply them before the camera solve or after? Should I be apply constraints to just a few points or as many as are accurate?

This is my first time using PFtrack (I’m used to Boujou) and I’ve been applying the planar constraints to the solved points and then adjusting the solve ("Improve Solution"). This only seems to make more errors in the solve (this is also reflected in the Proj-Error and Cam-Error graphs). I’ve tried applying the constraints at different stages, varying the number of points, etc. but to no avail.

About the footage I’m working with: It was shot against a green screen with track marks all around (on two flat walls and the floor). The issue with the footage is that the camera is hand-held and walks around a character sitting the foreground. There are always at least a half-dozen visible track points but PFtrack gets very confused by all of this. I’ve merging tracks that get occluded and half feature tracks on all the track points. Also I’m solving the shot in multiple pieces.

Thanks in advance for the help!

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