BouJou4 UI problem

First post here. Apologies if this is placed in the wrong section.

Using Boujou 4 on an NT system.

I cannot get my Zoom flyout to return in the interface. This is normally docked in the right hand panel, with overlays and model. The tab no longer exists for it.

I had this panel as a floater, which was on the second monitor. I closed it and now cannot make it return.

I’ve searched the entire desktop to see if it was possibly hidden beneath something. (yeah I know,. like as if it hid itself beneath an icon)

Right clicking on a blank panel area and turning ‘zoom’ back on does nothing.
Going to View>panes> and turning on zoom does nothing.
The software was uninstalled and it’s folders removed. It was then reinstalled and the old configuration remained.

I cannot locate the folder/files(s) that contains the general default settings for the program. There is definitely a folder on the drives somewhere which stores history or recent files accessed as I see these listed in the File dropdown after a fresh install.

I’ve read in relase notes that there is something buggy with the toolboxs becoming hidden. Of course I find no info on resettting the UI to unhide them.

Your help would be greatly appreciatted.

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