3D Equalizer V4 – my first steps and questions

Hello everyone. I have a quick question about 3DE.
I have my camera Canon Vixia HF S20

I have no idea what is Filmback and where I can see it. Can u please help me?
From specifications it says:
Lens: f=6.4-64 mm, F/1.8-3.0
35 mm equivalent.
Movies: 43.5 -435mm
Photos: (L, M, S): 39.9-399mm
Photos: (LW,MW): 43.5-435mm

On camera lens I see: 6.4-64mm, 1:1.8
58mm filter diameter. +I use 82mm wideangle lens.

So, I have no idea what filmback size I have to use.

Okay, so second step in tracking is find a lens-distortion.
You all saw a tutorial on 3DE website where you can find lens-distortion by Modern-Grid. So I took a photo from my camera (with wideangle lens) and I want to find lens-distortion, but I don’t know what picture I have to use in there, 16×9 or 4×3?

Please take a look those photos:
16×9 – photo while I’ve shot a video

4×3 – regular photo from camcorder:

I bought my camera to become 3D Matchmoving guy 🙂 hehehe and I really want to know 3DE and other tracking software.

So from tutorial on a website it says enter a real-filmback size:

(from tutorial they knew CCD chip size from somewhere)

I decided to use 36.00mm Filmback Width, because on lens it says "35 mm equivalent." (36mm x 24mm) but its for 4×3 and I know I use 16×3 dimension and I simply entered – 36.00mm and it shows me 20x2875mm for Filmback HEIGHT. I know I have 4×3 CCD chip, but for video it uses only some half of that chip, I hope it uses full width but half height, that’s why I believe to program.

Also I decided to enter 6.400 mm for Focal Length – because on my lens says f=6.4-64 mm, and on EXIF information from photos it says 6.4mm, but when I calculated it on 3DE it says 31.0194mm – maybe because I use WIDEANGLE Lens attached.

Then I checked everything on Distortion-Grid and it worked pretty well:

(please look to the bottom line)

What do you guys think about it? Am I going right way? Please tell me more about right ways and how it should work. What if I don’t know CCD chip size at all? Just imagine I’ve downloaded some good video from the Internet and I have to track it, I don’t know how to find LensDistortion and Focal Length from nothing.

P.S. Sorry for my english, I’m not a native speaker.

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