The Mill Help Norwich Union Change to AVIVA

[NEWS=””]18379[/NEWS]The Mill has collaborated with AMV BBDO and Serious Pictures to produce two new starry spots for the AVIVA rebrand. Entitled ‘Name Change’ the commercials celebrate the change in name of Norwich Union to AVIVA using a host of A-list celebrities. Directed by Vaughan Arnell the tongue and cheek commercials include appearances from a top Hollywood star, a comic, musicians and a famous model. ‘Name Change – Bruce’, begins with a scene which catapults the viewer into a Die Hard shot only to find a Bruce Willis of old and new sitting beside each other in an action packed car sequence.

The Bruce Willis of new asks the camera “Would Walter Willis have got to play the leading man?” This spot also features appearances from Elle Macpherson, Alice Cooper and Ringo Starr.

The second of the two spots, ‘Name Change – Ringo’ begins with black and white footage from ‘60s Beatles-mania. Using the same background footage as before it cuts to a shot of the current Ringo Starr asking “Would any of this have happened to me if I’d have still been Richard Starkey?” Other stars featuring in this spot are rock star Alice Cooper, Dame Edna doing stand up and Bruce Willis.


Lead Flame, Barnes, said: “Our work on AVIVA was divided into two totally separate films. Both projects were generally shot, edited and posted together. We were all keen to allow each of the five vignettes to have a different look and feel. The most interesting era to recreate was the Alice Cooper early 70s tube-camera. The production company managed to track down an old 30+ year old studio camera which gave the image that blown out, electronic studio feel. Once the old footage was sourced and transferred the modern day stars were composited into each scenario.”


Barnes added: “In ’I am John’ each character finds themselves in one scenario, with their alter-ego delivering a line to camera. Each split screen shot features a moving camera usually tracking into position. This was carefully choreographed on set to provide consistency and then tracked together at The Mill in flame. In between many of the scenarios are short time-lapse sequences which add pace and visual interest. These were all shot alongside the main production on a Digital SLR stills camera. This allowed the director to concentrate on the principle filming while a very small ‘second-unit – of one – shot extra material in and around the set.”

Agency: AMV BBDO

Creatives: Mike Durban & Tony Strong

Producer: Anita Sasdy

Production Company: Serious Pictures

Director: Vaughan Arnell

DP: Nicola Pecorini

Producer: Donnie Masters

Editing Company: The Quarry

Editor: Bruce Townsend

Post Production: The Mill

Producer: Liz Browne & Andrew Salem

Telecine: Paul Harrison

Lead Flame: Barnes & Ben Turner

Flame Assist: Paul Wilmot

After Effects: Bob Wolf & Dominic Burgess

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