On The Bottle – Mekanism for SoBe Life Water

[NEWS=”http://www.cgnews.com/wp-content/uploads/sobe_water_thumb.jpg”]18262[/NEWS]The SoBe Life Water lizard viral campaign reached it’s 2008 finale with the production of ‘On The Bottle’ , the seventh episode featuring the characters Lee and Donny. Written and produced by Mekanism, this hilarious stop motion animation series follows the adventures of the two young reptiles trying to make it as actors. The teaser campaign came to life to create an online buzz around a SoBe Life Water ad that was due to air at the 2008 Super Bowl. The original spot featured the character Lee LeeZardo, and was developed at Arnell Group by Peter Arnell.

The first viral episode showed the domesticated lizard talking to his parents on the phone, warning them that he would be dancing naked with a super model during the first half of the Super Bowl game. The advert broadcast featured Naomi Campbell dancing with Lee and a troupe of Lizards to Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

Animated in-house, with elaborate miniature sets , the first four episodes of the viral racked up over 9 million views online. The story of Lee and Donny has proved to be a huge internet hit.


“The SoBe Life Water lizards have become pop culture personalities in their own right. We’ve seen an ardent following, especially online” Jeff Dubiel, VP Marketing, SoBe.

‘On The Bottle’ features Lee and Donny enjoying a pleasant family dinner until a few misunderstandings arise regarding Lee’s latest work contract.

About Mekanism
Mekanism is a San Franciso and New York based production studio, housing film, animation and interactive content creators. The Mekanism studio has a love of good story telling which is infused throughout their viral campaigns, commercials and branded entertainment to inspire measurable brand loyalty.

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