High Temp on phenom 965

i bought a pc with following config.
Pro:-phenom 2 965 x4 3.4Ghz black edition
Mother board:- msi dka 790 gx
RAM:- 4GB kingston DDR3
cab:- cooler master 690.
Graphics card:- ATI ASUS 5850

i am facing some problem with the temprature of cpu.
it idles at 45c to 50c and when i start rendering in maya or after effects, it goes upto 80c – 90c. and it is pretty noisy than my last pc( athlon). the avg temp when i work on maya is about 55c to 65c.

are these temps common? or what could be the problem? i am afraid my pc will get some permanent damage by this. so please can someone advice me on this?

by the way i am a bit new to this hardware stuff so if any detail is missing pls tell me.

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