Best HD Camcorder/DSLR for budget?

Hey guys,

I started off fx work back in the day with my trust VX2100E and did a variety of visual effects compositing work (greenscreening, camera tracking etc).

I’m looking to get back into my hobby and explore the realm of HD. I have a top-of-the-line 27inch i7 iMac for editing/compositing purposes and will be using premiere as my editor of choice and after effects as my compositor of choice. I have a budget of about 3000-4000$ (just for the camera rig) and am looking for a camera that will give me the best image quality for compositing purposes.

I was pretty set on the Panasonic HMC150, because of its CCDs and tapeless recording, but my friend has been trying to sell me on HDSRLs. He has been trying to convince me to get something on the lines of a DSLR such as the Canon 5D Mark II+lcd viewer+lens as a recording rig. With a budget of 3000-4000$ and seeking the best hd image possible, should I buy a DSLR rig or a hd camcorder such as the HMC150? I’ve been reading that some of these DSLRs can produce videos that are as good as high end hd cams.…reen-shooting/

this article raves about the canon mark ii being ace at greenscreening. I keep thinking to myself that audio isn’t the biggest concern, and for the purpose of visual effects tests the short time limit for recording may not be that bad.

my question is that for keying purposes, which does better the hmc150 or the canon 5d mark II?

also how difficult will it be to get audio recording going with the dslr?

any additions guys? haha sorry for the restlesness but i just wanna buy something quick that lets me get perfect footage for visual effects tests… i want DOF but i also want the run and gun aspect of a camcorder… I really want everything to be tapeless. Help me out guys. I just wanna start compositing already and buy the equipement. I got upto 4000$ to spend so i have a hefty budget, just no advice and guidance in terms of equipement.


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