Yuval and Merav Nathan for Oren Lavie


I know this piece has been up for close to a week now. However, after some great feedback across the board, I’ve decided to upgrade to a full-post.

If you haven’t already, check out Yuval and Merav Nathan’s video for Oren Lavie’s song, Her Morning Elegance. This delicately choreographed film is a perfect example of how stop-motion can continue to be a fresh technique when backed by a strong narrative, thoughtful details and a bit of personal flare. Also take notice of this piece’s relatively one-shot approach and beautifully executed animation; a by product of pre-vis using 3d dummies during pre-production.

Directors: Yuval & Merav Nathan, Oren Lavie
Producer: Michal Dayan
Photography: Eyal Landesman
Animation: Yuval Nathan
Assistant Animators: Guy Ben Shitrit, Tamar Nathan
Actress: Shir Shomron

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Yuval and Merav Nathan for Oren Lavie

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