Vinicius Costa “Special Guest: The Journey”


Brazilian director Vinicius Costa shows off some mixed media chops in his new short, “Special Guest: The Journey.” There’s a suitcase as cabinet of curiosities with flapping airplane, piano keyboard parking lot, and pink neuron climbing through a Dali-inspired landscape. It’s an endless, playful, stream of consciousness loop that rewards repeated viewings (are those people dancing in the front yard?).

Costa’s debut film with 1st Avenue Machine-sibling Special Guest is in the studio’s tradition of having new directors create a film based on their idea of The Special Guest. From Costa: “It occurred to me that just looking at someone’s luggage could tell you a lot about the owner’s personality.”

Director: Vinicius Costa
Production Services: Animatorio
Compositors: Vanderlei Santana and Rafael Antonelli
Rotoscope: Vanderlei Santana, Rafael Antonelli, and Raiza Costa
Stop Motion: Animatorio
Audio: Omni Audium

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Vinicius Costa “Special Guest: The Journey”

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