Sehsucht’s TA Rorschachs

Ok, I’m as over the ink stuff as the next guy. However; I had make this spot for Beat Uhse, by Sehsucht, a full post if for nothing more than idea alone. For sake of not ruining the simple gag, just give it a watch.

I suppose it could be not safe for work if you’re in the US. But, a nice reminder of how much more open European media is to sexuality.

Client: Beate Uhse
Agency: kempertrautmann
Creative Director: Mathias Lamken
Art Director: Mathias Lamken, Simon Jasper Philipp
Account Manager: Biljana Retzlik, Jacqueline Koch
Production Company: SEHSUCHT GmbH
Director: SEHSUCHT | Martin Hess, Ole Peters
Design: kempertrautmann | Mathias Lamken / SEHSUCHT | Martin Hess, Ole Peters
Illustrator: Christian Endres, Mathias Lamken, Marita Löcmele, Simon Jasper Philipp
3D: SEHSUCHT | Heinrich Löwe
Compositing: SEHSUCHT | Martin Hess, Hans-Christoph Schultheiß
Producer: SEHSUCHT | Stephan Reinsch
Record Company/Music/Sound Design: Thomas Kisser

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Sehsucht’s T&A Rorschachs

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