Hip-Hop Gets the Schofield Treatment

Keith Schofield refines his look in this brand new video for MIMS “Move”. Keith has definitely been one to watch in the last year. Recent favorites include his films for Diesel’s XXX and BPA.

Despite the over-saturation of time-based treatments of late, Move’s combination of techniques, choreography and slick photography (not to mention a pretty solid track) make it a pretty entertaining few minutes.

The evolution of Keith’s work is a good example of how far a simple idea can go. I can’t negate the fact that his executions are consistently spot on, but most of his hits seem to originate from a story that can be told in a few words. This should be an encouragement to all those out there who feel its impossible to compete with the big dogs due to a lack of technical support or an army of talent. It all starts with one person and a simple idea.

After catching up with Keith, he was gracious enough to share his treatment and an animatic with us.

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Hip-Hop Gets the Schofield Treatment

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