Head Gear Animation: Milk Dots


What better to accompany our previous post about cookies than a post about milk?

Way back in 2007, we posted a Quickie for Head Gear Animation’s fantastic 5-second spots for the Dairy Farmers of Canada and agency Due North. Well, Head Gear’s added to their collection since then, and it’s definitely worth taking a few seconds (literally) to enjoy them.

Each spot—or “dot”—is a tightly packed joke told in a dizzying array of styles by Head Gear’s directors. David Gee (Writer) and Shawn Wells (Art Director) of Due North did a bang-up job writing these nuggets. Some of my favorites:

…but really, check out as many as you can. Oh, and in case you’re wondering who aced the sound design for the spots, that was Head Gear, too. Nice going!

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Head Gear Animation: Milk Dots

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