DUCK/Jamie Caliri: The United States of Tara


Jamie Caliri can always be counted on to imbue a project with hand-made charm and incredible attention to detail. Ever since seeing the 2006 “Dragon” for United Airlines, I’ve been enchanted by his unique approach to storytelling.

His latest project comes through LA-based DUCK for Showtime’s new series about a single mother with multiple personality disorder, The United States of Tara. Using cut-out illustrations from Alex Juhasz, the sequence presents a series of layered vignettes populated by the show’s star. Says Caliri:

They wanted a pop-up book look. We decided to try to make as many real pop-up pages as possible and only cheat when we needed. I think it ended up being a fun mix of pop-up and animation.

Alex Juhausz really nailed a great Americana/comic book feel with his illustrations and Anthony Scott brought his usual sensitivity to the animation. The team really pulled together on this one and I think it shows. We had fun.

The United States of Tara is co-executive produced by Diablo Cody (Oscar-winning screenwriter of Juno) and Steven Spielberg.

Check out the Dragon Stop Motion Software blog for some behind the scenes action on the project. Also see Jamie’s follow-up spot for United Airlines, “Heart.”

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DUCK/Jamie Caliri: The United States of Tara

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