David Wilson – Moray McLaren ‘We Got Time’


All of the animations seen in David Wilson’s music video for Moray McLaren’s ‘We Got Time‘ were created in camera. Repeat: in camera. No CG, no compositing animation loops onto footage – just taking advantage of the way film and persistence of vision works.

I’m a sucker for pre-cinema optical toys – kinetoscopes, zoetropes, magic lanterns, and the praxinoscopes featured in ‘We Got Time.’ Wilson doesn’t just rely on the charm of the medium though. Using the mechanism of rotation and looping as a starting point, he’s able to create a journey using simple but hypnotic animations that tie into the idea of life/death cycles. That may sound crazy, but just watch – things start to get really trippy around 2:30.

Also- check out the fantastic making-of video that gets deep into rpm and fps nerdiness, and the illustrated discs created by David Wilson.

Director and Animator – David Wilson
Executive Producer – Bart Yates
Producer – James Bretton
Production Company: Blinkink

Director of Photography – Tim Green
Production Manager – Ellie Britton
Art Direction – Will Randall and Hattie Newman
1st Assistant Director – Jerome Franc

RED Camera Operator – Nick Allsop and Jeff Brown

Motion Control Operator – Dennis Henry
Focus Puller – Jon Mitchell
Gaffer – Robin Brigham
Spark/Gaffer – Neil Blackman
Spark – Paul Allen

Actors- Will Harper and Gabriel Aronson

Editor – Mark Aarons
Post Production – The Mill
Colourist – James Bamford
Flame Artist – tbc
Producer – Matt Williams

Motion Control – MC2 Motion Control
Additional Camera Equipment – Take2Films
Lighting Equipment – Panalux Ltd

Making Of –
Director, Editor and Animator – Tom Kingsley
Onsite Shoot Footage, and Photography – Tim Keeling

Website Design – Mark Pavey

Additional thanks to…
Blink Productions, Malcolm Ryan Studios, TVC, Stonehouse Conseillers, Stephen Venning, Dave Bullivant, Holly Wales, Nick and Jane Wilson, Claire Jones, OneInThree, Simon Willows, Emerald Dangerfield, Sara Colding, Chris Lee, Bex Hobson, Lauren Jones, Clare Wilson, James Hobson, Ben Riley, Toby Jury Morgan, and Pete Dungey.

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