Capacity: Cartoon Network Rebrand


LA-based Capacity proved their ability to think big and follow through with their breakthrough NBC rebrand back in 2006. Since then, they’ve been kicking out ambitious projects with consistent attention to detail and huggable charm.

The latest jewel in their crown is a massive rebrand for Cartoon Network built around Noods, blank Dunny-esque figures created by the crew at Kidrobot. Props to CN for dreaming up such a clever, collaborative concept.

Capacity’s CN montage starts off in a minimal white space but builds in complexity and vibrancy as more characters, environments and seasons are introduced. My favorite stretch is the Halloween segment, with its moonlit figures and cute sight gags. I also love Yoda reducing General Grievous to a puddle of paint—a clever way to deconstruct the underlying concept of the rebrand.

The frenetic soundtrack (also created by Capacity) tinges the entire montage with a playful 8-bit tone and moves things forward with a cheery optimism befitting such a grand undertaking. Nice job all around!

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Capacity: Cartoon Network Rebrand

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