21-19 Finally Launch.

21-19 Launch

Melbourne based multidisciplinary studio 21-19 have finally launched their site, full of a plethora of delightful print, motion and even some interactive work.

There is a consistently thoughtful and elegant approach to the way 21-19 execute their work that I find massively appealing. A prime example is their self-promotional and award-winning short film ‘In Motion’. A visual homage to the great game of table tennis/ping pong/after work exercise, it is beautifully composed and paced, with a wonderful sequence of vignettes that reveal layers of gorgeous fluid motion behind a game that can be played with a beer in one hand. The ending – which I won’t spoil – is especially effective, almost like the piece is applauding itself for a job well done. 

I’m only disappointed that there is no direct link/download option for the motion pieces. And that I’m currently on the wrong continent to play ping-pong with the crew.

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21-19 Finally Launch.

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