1st Ave Machine: Samsung “New Species”


1st Ave Machine’s latest project for Samsung is a delightful throwback to their early days (by which I mean a few years ago), when co-founder Arvind Palep cranked out photorealistic mechano-organic CG imagery that wowed everyone with its surreal beauty.

Like their “Sixes Last” promo from a couple years back, “New Species” is set in a forest of the imagination. I could decry agency Cheil Worldwide for forcing a repeat performance from 1st Ave, but it’s just so damned beautiful, I really don’t care. I feel like Arvind has created a universe—or rather augmented our own—with his work. You can’t contain that kind of potential in a couple of projects.

Check out 1st Ave’s portfolio here. For those who attended F5, note that Asif Mian’s new Mute Math video is now online as well.

By the way, I found this amusing old post from the Tween archives.

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