MusicVideo – BlackAmplifier

Hi everybody

After a long time working in this video, I´m finally proud to share it here.
It´s a music video for an Indonesian band called The S.I.G.I.T. (, and I made it all my free time for free and with a lot of passion. It´s 95% done by myself, with an HV20 and sometimes a homemade 35mm adapter. The other 5% are cheap image banks I bought like the tanks, explosions, etc.

Here is the vimeo link of it:

And I also have a mov version here:…

And a blog with a little information (little) about the process:

Please feel free to review and ask for techniques, I will be glad to answer everything.
Anyway, I´m proud of myself once I finished a complex project…

Hope you like it!

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