The Onion Gets Visual Effects-y With Obama Motion Capture

You know that Visual Effects has truly come into it’s own as a cultural phenom when there’s a story about it in The Onion. It’s like being a musician and having your song cover by “Weird” Al Yancovic. I have to hand it to The Onion writing staff for doing there homework though. The article talks about Vicon, a real life mo-cap company. and it features this quote.

“Our 78-person team is committed to capturing each and every nuance of the Obama administration,” Vicon CEO Douglas Reinke said. “Years from now, historians will be able to access high-quality images of what the former president might have looked like while he was, say, meeting with the Joint Chiefs of Staff on April 3, 2009, or tying his shoelaces on the afternoon of June 3, 2011.”

Get this, Douglas Reinke really is the CEO of Vicon. You gotta love well researched fake news.

LINK to the full Onion article

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