Chris Dane Owen’s VFX Tour de’ Force

Alright, this is just to good to be true. I can’t stop watching this and thinking to myself “This is why so many smart folks spent years of their lives conceiving of, and building computer graphics hardware and software”. It seems that the entirety of our industry has culminated into this single event. The release of Chris Dane Owen’s “Shine on Me” music video. Do you like “porn quality” lighting and costumes? How about split screen swordplay? Throw in a healthy dose of stock footage, a lime green guitar and some flying dragons that look stiffer than CG guy in a Yoga class and you’ve got yourself one heck of a…

Well, I don’t know exactly what it is, but it’s 100% pure awesome. Chris’ website credits “Academy Award winning special effects artist Robert Short” as the Director. Roberts’ IMDB profile shows a long list of credits for special effects make-up and VFX work. It does not explain how the incredible Lando-style mustache that Chris wears in the video was created. I’ll keep checking the website for a special features section.

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